How to Create High Quality Content Every Time

While complex linking and keyword strategies are very important for ensuring that your site ranks on Google or other search engines, the best way to really grab readers and keep them there is by creating awesome content that they want to read. Instead of just writing something because you need to fill a space, there are some tips that you can use to come up with high quality content ASAP.


Identify your audience.

A huge hurdle that many sites face is that they aren’t totally sure who their target audience is. Maybe they just have a vague general idea, or maybe they haven’t even thought about it at all. This has to change in order for your site to really capture readers. Sit down with your team and come up with a specific demographic for your content, including age, gender, profession or interests, and any other specific information that you believe is relevant. Then, get online and determine what’s important to them. Browse online groups or sites where this audience hangs out, and you’ll be sure to find out what information they’re craving – and which things they’ve had enough of.

Road test your content.

Your next step will be to find someone who fits your target demographic that you can build a relationship with. Hopefully you already know someone that fits that description, but if not, reach out sincerely online to see if you can find someone. You can then use this relationship to test out new content and see if it resonates with your audience, as well as get helpful suggestions about how to make it more relevant.quality-content

Develop an expert identity.

Readers respect online presences that they believe are experts, and will come back over and over again to these sites to get new information. It is absolutely crucial that you establish your site as an expert voice and create content that works well for your brand. Sit down and make a list of what makes you special as a brand and how you stand out from your competitors. These are great starting points for new content.

Present a unique idea or question.

At the end of every article, your reader should feel like they’ve been given something they could not find anywhere else. The content may have even sparked questions or gotten them thinking about a new idea that they hadn’t considered before. This keeps people coming back time and time again.

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