How to Evaluate and Choose the Right Expired Domain

When you are thinking about buying expired domains, you hear a lot of pieces of advice and tips on how to do it right. Some people are completely against buying domains because it’s quite easy to face fraud there. On the other side, it is a quick and an easy way to build up a strong PBN. If you keep in mind the following things, your chances to buy high DA domains that will serve you well will increase.

  • Check the age of your domain.
    It’s not a secret that Google is more benevolent to older domains. They are seen as more trustworthy, so always try to get an older domain, if you are to choose. But there is another thing, search engines don’t always evaluate the date when a domain was created. Sometimes, it’s better to look at the date when a site was crawled. Trusting a creation date alone could give you a scam domain.
  • Choose high DA domain.
    To understand what counts as “high” in your niche, try to compare some DAs.
  • Check the Open PageRank.
    You might have heard that PR is not a thing anymore, and it is true. But there is a free initiative, an Open PR, which is free for everyone. It works the same, so it’s still 0 to 10 scale.
  • Make sure your PA is close to DA.
    When you’re looking for a domain to in order to do a PBN setup later, you have to make sure the PA will be at least close to its DA. If it’s not, it could very well be flawed. DA of a domain should be at least 30.
  • Check the Alexa Rank.
    You have to remember here that the better your Alexa Rank is, the better. Typically, you have to aim lower than 100,000. If you need your traffic to be from a specific country, Alexa is always a place to check. There you will also see if the site is growing its audience or not. Alexa Rank could matter a lot, but in the majority of cases, if everything else looks good, it’s usually neglected.
  • Look if your domain has a lot of backlinks.
    That is also to check crucial if you buy PBN. In the majority of cases, it’s your backlinks that are a big fraud tool. A lot of those links might just disappear and leave you with a bad domain after you buy it. So, try to check each link (if you have this option).
  • Check the quality of a previous site on that domain.
    Any PBN service does it. You can check it through the Wayback If you see that a site was trashy, full of spam or contained anything suspicious, you have to try to find another domain name. Reputation matters in those cases.

There are many tools that will allow you to check different ranks and stats. If you have this option, don’t just rely on Google, try to compare that information. Remember, that buying an expired domain, you can save yourself plenty of time, which is crucial in many cases. But it’s also an open field for fraud and different schemes. However, if you take your time to check everything, you will easily escape those issues.

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