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How to Get Listed In Our Directory

When choosing sites for our directory, we look for links that are most likely to help boost search engine rankings according to the current algorithms. We are always looking for great sites that fit this criteria to add to our directory, which we’re proud to say is one of the most consistently updated and maintained directories online. Here’s what you should do in order for your site to get listed with us.

– Most importantly, your site should be an active site that would register with Google and other search engines. The site should not be an old or inactive domain, as these can hurt search engine rankings when used during the linking process.

– Your site’s links and titles should be concise without too many parameters. Sites with concise titles are more likely to rank highly in search engine results because they are most likely to match the browser’s search criteria. When submitting your title, make sure to keep it as short as possible. It should be a quality title that will attract people to your site.

– Your domain must not redirect to another site, an inner page from your website, or an unhosted domain. We cannot use these sites as part of our directory because they are very ineffective.

– You’ll need to select proper keywords and a title when submitting your site to our directory. We encourage you to think carefully about which keywords and category you select, as they need to be reflective of your site, and they also need to be the best and most searched keywords relating to your site as well.

– We also ask for a brief description of your site when you submit. Please make sure this description is professional and is an accurate representation of your website. If your description has not been proofread or does not look professional, we cannot use it.

– Our directory prides ourselves on choosing high quality sites that happen to be SEO friendly for our listings. We do not accept blank sites that are created just for SEO purposes. The site must have real content, and we prefer that it is a completely constructed site with multiple pages. We also do not accept sites that only contain filler content, such as ads or links.

If your site fits this description, we hope that you will submit it to us! We are always looking for more great websites to add to our directory.

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